Walker Haynes -   Director     Actor     Filmmaker


Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Walker studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and his work in commercials, film and television spans over a decade. He is an award winning producer, with three feature films in distribution. Also, he has co-written two feature scripts: "Gunfight At La Mesa," which sold to Lions Gate, and "Hamlet’s Ghost," which was his directorial debut.  Hamlet’s Ghost  premiered at the Festival de Cannes Marché du Film and was one of 305 feature films eligible for Oscar consideration for best picture, director and actor at the 88th Academy Awards.  His company, A STREAM IN THE DESERT PRODUCTIONS, LLC, was established in 2006, and has taken multiple movie projects from the writing process through production and post-production.  His films have sold both domestically and internationally, and he has worked closely with various sales and distribution entities to establish a track record of success within the competitive field of film and television production and distribution. Walker is currently in development with his next feature film, "The Curse Of Pirate's Cove" based on his award winning script.

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